Woke up an hour ago and started my daily routine. Went to wake my son so he can go to church only to find he is already gone. The lock of the front door isn’t set right now to so I don’t know what to think. The older kids in this house are constantly being told not to go out that door if I’m not awake and this one is on purpose, no doubt. He left more than an hour earlier than he even needs to. I don’t know whether or not to call the cops either.

This church seems to be a bad thing for him because he has been ignoring everything I tell him. I explained to him what the commandments are and how he has been breaking them so far. Except for killing and adultery he seems to be well on his way. I’m not extremely christian but I have beliefs. Last weekend they baptized him without my permission. He’s only 11 and has barely learned crap about this world so how is it they make that decision for me. 

Too many of the places here have been interfering with my parental rights and I’m am oh so fed up. We will be moving from this place but I’m going to give them hell until we do. I will not sit quietly and take this abuse. I’ve already put in to home-school him until we leave so that the school doesn’t keep putting ideas in his head and apparently I can’t let him have a church because they’re going to teach him garbage. The pastor even lied to my son about the cost of an instrument, or my son lied to me about what was said. 

I know my thoughts are jumbled and probably don’t make sense on here but I had to get this out before I got even more angry.