Time to talk about my other job.

My other current job (besides being a mother-which I’ll also wind up talking about at some point) is as a data entry clerk for a company through oDesk. If you ever happen to want to work for through that one let me know because I could definitely use the money that you get for referrals. Now, most companies are used to the people overseas who could live off a few dollars so you’re lucky if you can find a real good pay; and of course you need to gain a good reputation to get more money as well. After about a year of looking for work on this site, I finally have a position and really do enjoy it. Most of the time, they will go for the lower bidder, as well as, the one who has feedback over the one who doesn’t have anything. This company that I am working for wants me to go into sales for them. I am definitely not going to say no as I know that sales can be very rewarding. Not just in the money, though. I rather enjoy talking to people and it gives me that personal satisfaction in knowing that making the sale means you did a good job. I thrive on accomplishments, even if they are just for me. Having recognition from the one I did it for never hurts either though.

So here is my referral link by the way:

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk