Random thought

I am in campaign 11 right now until Wednesday 5/18/11. Technically until Tuesday though because I have to submit my orders Wednesday so on time orders from customers would be the day before. This one focused on Father’s day and to my surprise I didn’t get very many orders.

I think many fathers are so underrated. They don’t get nearly as much recognition as mothers and it’s not that I don’t understand why. However, there are many fathers out there who do more then some of the mothers out there. I know of two personally who do a great job at raising their children completely on their own. Just as I have had to raise mine on my own. I really never knew how much of a deadbeat a mother can be until I met these two men. I commend them more than any single mother for the simple fact that I know it is quite a bit harder for a male to get the kind of help many women can get. So I want to wish an early Happy Father’s day to these 2 great men I have had the pleasure of having in my life. They are both the best friends I could have ever hoped for and I happen to be dating one of them now. You two truly should be an inspiration to many of the younger men out there today as for what being a real father is like.


Happy Easter

Hopefully, it was happy for many people. This was the first good family easter for my family in a long time. Family issues and all with a brother of mine stopped that before 2004 and this was the first time my parents put eggs out for my children. I’m not really the type to bother with it because I see no point in giving the kids candy for all these holidays. Kids think every holiday is about toys or candy these days and don’t really understand the reason for them anyhow. So I may give them something small but don’t usually go all out like many people do. Children need to understand that when you are low on money there is no one else to get them all these gifts. However, aside from Halloween, I’m not against going to where someone else is taking care of all of that.