Being a Parent is Irrelevant

I had to take parenting classes a few months ago because one of the boys had gotten himself into trouble last summer. He gets counseling services, Intensive In Home services, and probation. When he was small, he was taught what you do and don’t do. I can speak from experience that kids will definitely only learn and follow what they want. It seems more like he will do the opposite of what I teach him. Or if I tell him I’m against something he is all for it. What I am taking away from all these services is that what I want for him and of him is irrelevant. But, of course, I’m a lousy person if he is doing wrong.


I saw this on Daddy and Mummy quotes yesterday:18011001_1643138562381067_4168294107647343014_n


I have always agreed with this kind of statement. I believe schools and some teachers overstep this boundary all too often. I’ve always felt that if you have an issue with something a parent does, you talk to them away from the kids. I try never to argue in front of my kids with another adult because it shows immaturity and is just plain rude.

All too often my feelings/wishes and beliefs are shot down by the people that are supposed to be helping, and most of the time right in front of my children. It’s been bugging me and I don’t have any more of a point to make (also lost my train of thought with all the obligations for the day) which means I’ll leave it at this. Just another rant.





There was a murder in my neighborhood today. My my son’s friend’s mother was the victim. I feel horrible for the family and the fact that she more than likely suffered so badly in her final moments. She was stabbed multiple times. Another neighbor told us it was thirteen times. We moved away from city as much as possible in hopes that the chances of being around this were lessened. They locked down the local schools and only seemed to tell the middle school kids what was going on(to an extent) because the murdered still hasn’t been caught at this time.


Most of what I have ever posted has been something angry and depressing. I know it doesn’t make for a great blog most want to read, but much of it I feel needs to be said. Maybe one day I’ll have some fluffy stuff to say but it hasn’t happened yet.

I shared my brother’s gofundme request on Google+ and my fiance shared it as well. Then, some p.o.s. decides to go and be…well, a p.o.s. about it; but this is the internet so of course there is a prick out there. Out of everyone else in my family,  my brother has a chance to do so much better than the rest of us. He has been in the military, in a pretty good line of work. He has finished school, gotten into a good marriage(they are genuinely a good pair), and he is so smart. He deserves to have a good job.

He believes he found one and has gotten a job offer. In order to take the job, he needs to move. He has been out of work for a while so doesn’t have the money for the move. He, or rather his wife, is asking for help to do so. I shared it because I can’t afford to help him. I would if I had any money not going to bills.

In the past four years, we have had two family members die, our father has had a stroke, and my brother has been robbed a few times since being out of work. He deserves a break. If you can, help him. If not, don’t but keep your inaccurate thoughts to yourself.


It’s something I am so very tired of in life inn my life, and in what I hear going on for others. I hear of it happening to others and agree that something should be done. Everyone out there should stop teaching it. Whether it be religious, racial, or gender. It is ignorance and it should stop.

My son just went through the religious side of it in a sense. He drew a pentagram because he likes to draw everything and anything. Some stupid other child told him that they were no longer friends because it’s evil. My son says he drew that particular thing for a friend but I don’t really care. I don’t force a belief on my child and don’t believe anyone else should either. I tell him what I believe and tell him to learn about religion and decide for himself what feels right in his heart.

I do want to say this to everyone who will read this. A symbol is not good or evil and does not have power. The good or evil is in your heart and head. You are what’s good or evil in your life as well as those around you. The person (or child) who is intolerant is evil. The person who cuts someone down because their clothes aren’t designer or maybe have a few holes is evil. The ones who don’t tolerate the choices others make that don’t affect them personally are evil.

The ones who mind their own damn business and let people live their own lives are good people. The ones who don’t try to destroy a family just because they don’t like something they do differently are good. The ones who share their feelings and beliefs, but don’t tell you that you are believing wrong are good. The ones who try to understand -not control- are good.

That is all.

Today in the World

It’s been a while, yet again, since I have been on here. I’m now working a job that makes me feel dead tired every night and all sorts of things have gone on so I hadn’t had time. We moved and have a place to live. Hopefully soon we will both be working and I can catch up on my separate obligations.

I’ve kept up on some events going on while trying to to keep too close an eye on things in the world. It sickens me. I mean literally, not just figuratively. I actually get sick reading about all the garbage going on. I have grown up knowing how racism feels. From some one with mixed parentage it can tend to be worse because not one damn person accepts you when all the ones around you are brought up around that bs. It is learned. Most children love whatever they are around and fight with whatever they are around when they are mad. It is the people who teach those children to hate a specific race, relgion, gender, or gender preference. It has been taught to teach their peers in such a demeaning way.

Racism should no longer exist in America, but it does. The cops who stop you just because of what town you’re in and what color you are. The people who don’t like someone just because of their color. Keep teaching hate and that is what you’ll always get. Fight it with violence instead of brains and it will never be eradicated.

The gender crap is next on this list. So what if you like the same sex or the opposite? Who should care but you? Still with the violence. No, straight people should not be persecuting something that has been around since the dawn of man (both in the human and animal kingdoms). Homosexuals should neither be persecuting the reverse. The people that want to bring up the bible should also note that it is not their job, or right, to judge.

How in the world does anyone believe that stooping to the level of the lesser person is the right way to go?!?! Live your life! Educate yourself and families so that this world becomes more intelligent instead of failing to thrive!  Teach tolerance! Teach love!


We see talk about it all over the news, many of us deal with it in one sense or another(regardless of your nationality). I have had white people tell me I should go back home, call me a wet-back or spic, and tell me Spanish girls are only for screwing. I’ve had black people call me a cracker, tell me they’d like to see what it’s like to kiss a white girl, and say some other stupid crap. Other Hispanics have complained about the fact that I don’t speak Spanish well, show competitive racism, or just treat me like crap because I’m not exactly like them. Those are just the things predominantly in my mind for myself.

My son is bullied every single day by this group of black middle-schoolers in the Elmira City School District. My step-daughter is bullied constantly by this black girl at her high-school(and this one is racism based on what the girl says to her) and her little clique.

We are taught history so as not to repeat the idiotic mistakes made back then. However, it is looking to me like history only serves to give people ammo for their arsenal. The “minority” kids of now use it as an excuse to act like jack-asses and take vengeance on those who have nothing to do with what happened. My mother was Italian(either first or second generation American-born). My father is Puerto-Rican (Spaniard and Taino Indian mixture in the family line for at least two generations). Now the Taino makes us Native Americans by bloodline. So for all of you that say to go back where you came from, I probably have more claim to live in this country than you do. For the rest of you, kiss my ass, my family line has slaves in it too.

I make my voice heard without being violent. I say things brutally honest so that they stick in people’s brains. I am tired of how stupid some people in this country act.

As for the school district here, I am not the only parent that can’t stand it. I’ve heard from other parents how much disdain they have for this place. One woman I met last week told me her kid was stabbed in the hand at one of the middle schools. Our kindergartners get bussed to a school when there is a school walking distance from us because somehow this saves money. They have completely screwed up how the schools are determined. Not by the radius around the school but by grade now. Sticking more and more of the kids together as they get older. My baby has to see a counselor because the schools no longer know how to deal with kids that didn’t get stuck in daycare and preschool. I wanted to raise my own babies instead of having someone else do it, I had to work around a lot of my family’s schedule to achieve this, wanting only family involved is a hard thing to achieve. They call CPS over every thing my kids’ pull that they don’t like and I believe they’ve even made a few things up. This one jerk decided to go behind my back and try to talk to one of the services about how bad of a mother I am in her eyes. In her case I really think it’s because the first time she met me I said I couldn’t stand the school she was in. Where I lived a couple of years ago, the school worked with me to try to better my child’s behavior. This school tries to make me feel worthless over it. Got news for these people. I care about my kids enough to die if I have to. Which is what will have to happen for them to take my children from me. You hear about NY being such an interesting place, but the school system in this city FAILS in how they treat parents.