Referral Links(I get a one time payment once conditions are met for those who click these)

More will be added to this page as I find them in my sign-ups and sign up for more. I still use these sites/apps. I have more to add but needs to go through all of my bookmarks again. I’ve had a lot going on.


Ibotta – A smartphone app for making little bits of money off you grocery shopping. I made $28.75  as of february 11th, 2016 and had it put into paypal.

The Paypal link gets me $5 when you activate your card and load $10 on it. Now this is for Paypal prepaid, which can be used to get direct deposit if you won’t want a bank account(or can’t get one). There is a monthly fee of $4.95 and no overdraft. You can also make student accounts and parents can send money to their kids.

Vindale Research – Take surveys for small payouts, this sight can also lead you to more.  I am updating this page 2/11/16 and have made $8 at this point.






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