Working From “Home” or as an Independent Contractor

I’ll update this with the companies I have worked with personally and know are legitimate. If you try them out and put my name in for the ones I still work with, it will give me a bonus if you work out. I’m going to give a very brief idea of what’s available. I’ll update with more as I find them in my email.

Marketforce – This has two sections. One is for Mystery Shopping and the other is for theater checks. Theater checking is simply counting the amount of patrons in a particular showing. I have mystery shopped for them for a few years. Not all areas have a ton of work but there is some available in many areas. Make sure to read descriptions, notices, and details of using their websites. I work with both when I can find assignments that I can get to.

Lawrence Merchandising – This one is not independent. You are an employee; they take taxes and social security if you make enough to do so. So you’ll need to fill out tax paperwork, which they send you links to. I really like this one. You can range up to twenty hours of work and can only work within specified times of the day. There is a lot to learn when working for them, so read all your paperwork carefully. Unfortunately, the work may be somewhat out-of-the-way and you definitely need good transportation in some areas.

Tallgrass Talent Group –  They have different portals within the workforce areas. Ranging from product demonstrating to costumed characters. I initially started with Sunflower Staffing and rather enjoyed working for them under the initial name. I didn’t work with the new company for long and wasn’t very happy with it for my own personal reasons, but am not saying it won’t work out for anyone else.


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