So a little about me… I’m a single mother of four, or have been for much of my life. Not so single at the moment but still not married. I put this page up to learn how to use WordPress as well as I can on a free basis. I am a spiritual person, though I mildly dislike religion for the simple fact that they all think they’re right. They may or may not be, but self-righteousness seems like a defeating way to think. The basis of their teachings, for the most part, is to serve others and realize you are a sinner, but many(not all) only live to contempt others.

Haven’t completely figured out what I’m doing yet, although I may use this as a way to show my journey through working with herbs and self learning alternative medicine. Would love to get away from mainstream life.  I let my children decide what path they want to follow. I’ve let my father teach them his way of thinking, let them go to some churches, and tell them how I view the world as the need to explain something arises. Just can’t stand when they try to tell me I’m wrong based on what they learn from others. I’ll live my life for happiness and deal with whether I was wrong or not when the need arises. In doing this I think I’ve figured out my first post!

I enjoy doing so many things and look at myself as an eclectic person. I like to try my hand at so many different things and am always trying to gain more knowledge. Though much more slowly nowadays than it used to be. Too much going on to just sit and enjoy a good book long enough anymore. I don’t consider myself an expert in anything but I like to know a bit of everything. The world is full of so many wonderful ideas and beauty. There is ugliness in the fact that people seem to enjoy controlling one another.

The not so single aspect, I have a man; and what a man he is. I didn’t really believe anyone like him existed for many years but as it stands now, he is perfect. Known him for 5 years now but we’ve only been together for a short time. It could be considered the honey moon phase of our relationship and who knows if his perfection in my eyes will change later but I don’t foresee it. We see eye-to-eye on much  and agree-to-disagree where we don’t. I play video games right along with him as he he’s not one to hog the damn thing while I just sit and watch. When I don’t feel like playing, I either watch him or am busy with something. I’m not a sports fan per say, but I don’t mind them either and sometimes even get a bit of interest.

OK, so maybe this was a lot about me, and you’ll learn more as I post. So sit back, have a cup of coffee/chamomile tea/rose tea (whatever you fancy) and enjoy; or don’t and troll (since some live for this).



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