In a sense, this is wonderful. No pesky packet of paper to fill out and lose at home. No packet of paper for the children to lose or decide they don’t want to turn in. Fewer trees killed for a paper. But there are bad things too.

You see, schools have always given some papers that only have the option to sign as accepted because it’s their way or the highway attitude (highway being Child Protective Services bothering you because the school thinks they make the decisions for you and your child). The local school district has “paperwork” like that about laptops. You accept responsibility and charges if they break it. I could understand that. But what if we know our children better than you and believe the chances high that it will be broken so we don’t want them having it? That doesn’t matter to the schools even after the kid has broken a piece on one and some other kids broke your kid’s because your kid can’t ignore the crap that some say.

When it was on paper I would just write “No” on things like that and explain why not. Well, the digital paperwork doesn’t give you that chance. Now, in order to update a phone number, you have to fill out the whole digital packet or they won’t update it. I even printed out the packet to PDF and faxed it in, but they still call Grandma over Dad. Also, they have everything entered wrong in the first place, which is their own doing.

If done right, digital could be great. Done right means actually giving parents options on what they will allow. See we have a computer at home and the kids don’t need your laptop. Also, I do not feel I should be responsible for some other child being a jerk to mine. There is no reason my child deserves to be hit or have things vandalized by another child. Least of all be responsible for it when that happens.