Most of what I have ever posted has been something angry and depressing. I know it doesn’t make for a great blog most want to read, but much of it I feel needs to be said. Maybe one day I’ll have some fluffy stuff to say but it hasn’t happened yet.

I shared my brother’s gofundme request on Google+ and my fiance shared it as well. Then, some p.o.s. decides to go and be…well, a p.o.s. about it; but this is the internet so of course there is a prick out there. Out of everyone else in my family,  my brother has a chance to do so much better than the rest of us. He has been in the military, in a pretty good line of work. He has finished school, gotten into a good marriage(they are genuinely a good pair), and he is so smart. He deserves to have a good job.

He believes he found one and has gotten a job offer. In order to take the job, he needs to move. He has been out of work for a while so doesn’t have the money for the move. He, or rather his wife, is asking for help to do so. I shared it because I can’t afford to help him. I would if I had any money not going to bills.

In the past four years, we have had two family members die, our father has had a stroke, and my brother has been robbed a few times since being out of work. He deserves a break. If you can, help him. If not, don’t but keep your inaccurate thoughts to yourself.