Get With The Times

We all know the best places to shop for your community are the local stores and  fresh markets. It helps to keep your community going strong when you shop within it. However, if you have to shop at a brand, most of us nowadays want to do so with convenience. One aspect of that convenience is being able to use your smartphone to get quick coupons for some items and businesses or being able to use gift card apps instead of having to keep the fat wallets. I have shopped at places that offer store specific coupons via the smartphone or internet, but the store personnel have no idea what to do with it. All stores should be training their employees in the technology they use, and keeping up with the times. If you are part of a large chain, your employees should know if they scan a gift card or coupon from the app it is available on or key in some numbers! Your store should also have scanners that work properly! Your chain makes enough money. If they don’t, they can close down the stores they aren’t worried about keeping in operational order. I know managers have a lot of behind the scenes things to take care of, but there should be other competent people there who aren’t just sitting around having a chat in the office while there is work to be done, or continued learning to keep up with. Just my two cents.