This District

This school district constantly gets on my nerves. As with everything, there are those who are intelligent enough, but that’s not what I get to deal with personally. Every week my kids bring home a “Wednesday Folder”, which contains stuff for the parents. Sometimes I get papers my children have turned in, newsletters about what’s going on, and a myriad of garbage.

I enjoy seeing my children’s old work, even though I hate the fact that the teacher doesn’t check-mark it or anything so I know my kid didn’t just stick something there that they didn’t want to turn in. No grades or marking so I know they actually looked at it.

I actually read the newsletter once my children have gone to bed, unless they didn’t give it to me. Most of it being the same information every week, with just a few new little tidbits. I then scan them into the computer and get rid of the original because I hate having all that clutter around the house(I do this with much of the old work too).

Then, there is all this junk in the folder that I could care less about. Sports events, carnivals at the school, volunteering. Now don’t get me totally wrong here, if I liked the school I would care. I did volunteer for a couple of teachers at the school my children were at before moving to this district. I grew up there and was actually treated with respect so had the want to help them. If their future schools show more respect I will again. I have specifically asked one teacher to stop sending this crap because I get double sets of the same thing. Every week I see all that waste of paper. I won’t do the door-to-door fundraisers either because it feels unsafe. Why not just put the information for this into the newsletter and have people ask for the sign-up sheets?