Can’t Wait to Move

We’re already packing. even though we don’t officially have a place to go to yet. We have a place in mind, but have been unable to contact the real estate company that is selling it. That part is bumming us out right now but we’re enthused about every other aspect of it. They have no way to contact them as I can find other than an address. This city has been our own little slice of hell for so many reasons.

The schools here (at least the elementary schools) are pretty stuck up in their way of looking at someone with health and other issues. Maybe it’s because they don’t actually know what’s wrong with you but it’s not as if they care either. At least one woman at one of these schools loves to tell her side of what my story is to everyone she thinks will put me into problems. It started the day I said I couldn’t stand the first school she was in because they are much less professional than the elementary school I went to as a child and my kids went to for a few years. Some of them don’t answer emails and one has said it’s because she doesn’t like putting certain things into emails. My opinion is that the ones who won’t answer through emails don’t because it’s the only tangible way to prove what has been said. People enjoy being able to say things aloud and make you feel belittled, but don’t like to leave a paper trail.
There are some good things and great people here, but not enough to want to stay. We aspire to become as self-sufficient as possible, considering our reliance on the internet it won’t be completely so, but there is much we want to cut down on otherwise; To be in a somewhat laid back atmosphere with hopes that the children will calm down and be happier. The kids don’t seem  to be pacified by, or appreciate, much of what they are given. We hope that will change with this new area. If all goes right, they’ll have a fenced in yard, more time outside, and more family members closer in proximity (but not so close that it smothers us all). The overall area is cheaper living than here as well, which should add to the quality of living.

That’s my thought for today. I’m hopeful. Have a great day!