Thank You Elmira Police Department

My son and step-son tried to runaway this morning and the police officer we spoke to found them.  I’m glad he found my boys, although my boys are trying to say I hit them with objects again to the police officers. According to my son, I have went after him with a knife(past), hit him with a mop(past) and now I’ve supposedly hit them both with the curtain rods they played sword fighting with and ruined. These boys have busted out windows in this house, now we have a letter from code saying we have to fix those windows and we can’t afford to. We are moving soon I hope. Although it won’t make the boys trying to hurt us any better. At least the area should be a more comfortable place to live for all of us.

Update (2/24/2015): I edited something out of this and am adding that my son saw his psychiatrist yesterday afternoon. He is now being prescribed depression medication and it was explained to me that my son doesn’t think the way I feel he does. I guess the problem is that he doesn’t really think, he is impulsive. It still doesn’t explain the things he says about me. That was actually explained to me but now that I’m not a complete wreck about yesterday’s events, I don’t remember much of what I talked about with his psychiatrist and case manager. That’s going to be the biggest issue about moving, losing this awesome case manager he has. She really seems to know just about everything. She has been a big path of information for us.

Update: On 3/2/2015 we got a call from the police department at about 5:30 am. They had our boys at the station because they tried again. They keep trying to make it to some kids home that one of them know. This time they both told the police that they lived with my fiance’s ex wife and were her kids. If they were caught thirty minutes earlier, they would have wound up with community service for breaking curfew. I know this sounds bad, but I wish they had been caught earlier. They never learn from the consequences we give, maybe getting them from someone else would change the attitudes.