Why? Because they have been overcharging our gas usage this winter. Last winter, our furnace broke down. The blower broke and it costs too much to get it fixed. We started taking down parts of the pipes that the heat flows through as well. So we are definitely not using that thing this winter. Maybe it spikes a little during November when we are cooking more for thanksgiving. Our washer has frozen so we aren’t using the gas dryer as often either. The heating element on the oven broke, so guess what, that’s not being used much either. However, our Gas usage says 444.9 therms for January 2015. During the month of August we actually used the dryer so how is it more during the winter than when we are using one appliance less? When we try to ask them about it, and specifically asked them to actually read the meters, we get a run-around of excuses. We’ve had to go through HEAP twice to keep the power on as my fiance is out of work and I don’t have a lot of it. The last time he spoke to NYSEG he was told he could pay around $400 to keep the power on this month while we work it out. When he calls to get the exact amount, they say it’s $1300 to keep the power on. Considering at least half of our bill is a farce, WTF!! We’ve been using energy-efficient quartz heaters so expected our power usage to spike a bit but not the gas.


Now they have a program called EAP for those who qualify for HEAP. A part of that program is arrears forgiveness. When he asked about that today on the phone, he was told we had to be caught up on the bill. How do you need arrears forgiveness if your bill is caught up? Also, on their website, they only give you half-assed information. I’m assuming this is so they can BS you however they want on the phone. I’m attaching pictures from the website. Can anyone make sense of this crap?