To People Harassing Orange County, FL Crossing Guards

So, I’m scrolling down facebook and see that someone has photographed my sister-in-law because she was sitting in her car waiting for her shift to start. This person (jerk more like) begins stopping traffic, pulls out the their phone, tells her to smile, and says they are reporting her. Now crossing guards, like any government employee, are not allowed to start their shifts early without permission from supervisors. So for you to be such a jerk to any crossing guard without knowing their rules makes you nothing more than a douche-bag. You want things changed, write petitions to the ones who make the rules. Don’t pick on the ones who do the job! Get over your high and mighty attitude with your service workers and do something about it with those who can make the damn rules! I know I repeated myself but it is becoming very clear that many people act without using their brains.