Enterprise Rent-A-Car Won’t Let Us Rent a Car

My fiance’s vehicle broke down and we were going to rent a car so I could get to work today and tomorrow; as well as take care of some things we need to do. However, we are behind on the power bill so they won’t let him rent one. I’m so angry because I have to make it to work, but now have no option. How do you pay a bill when you can’t get to a job?!?!?!? My license has been taken from me because I owe back child support, same dilemma there. How do I pay if I can’t get to work?!?! This world really sucks.

****Update 2/2/2015: I made it to work(no thanks to Enterprise) and calmed down about the whole situation. I still think your bills should not be anything that a rental company could ask you for.