I see my facebook friends are split on the Ferguson issue. I also see it being put in the same sentence with boycotting Black Friday. From what I understand, there were several witness account and it was balanced between those and the physical evidence. If this is the case, then the trial was done as it is supposed to be done. What isn’t supposed to be done, is a bunch of people going and destroying the city they live in because they don’t like how things are going. All you are doing is showing that “minorities” are still ignorant and violent. I put quotes around minorities because I’m not sure there is any longer such a thing. Many of the people in our country don’t even know their heritage any more so shouldn’t be using it as an excuse to do stupid things. The guy’s family didn’t want violence, so everyone goes and insults them by doing just the opposite. You don’t help people by being violent, it tends to always make things worse for them and you. You make your voice heard with petitions, and PEACEFUL protests.I have read where some have said that the business owners who will need to rebuild should try to go elsewhere and leave the citizens of that area in the hell they created. I have to agree. The saying goes that you should lie in the bed you make. There were better ways to handle it.

Black Friday has become a cluster of violence and ignorance as well. Stores should have good sales, but should stop doing them all on one day. Or people should stop fighting over things you will no longer have when you die! When you go, you don’t take any of that garbage with you. Boycotting stores serves to shut them down. You do this when there are legitimate reasons. It’s more like people should just stop acting greedy and violent over junk they don’t really need.

I am an American, and was proud to be. I still am based on the ideologies that made our country, but am ashamed of how low the citizens are proving to be. And how much we either go about it the wrong way or just keep quiet. Let your voices be heard but keep your body parts to yourself.