Selling on Ebay

You’d think selling in this fashion would be better than just having a yard sale because there is a bigger market to see your items. That part is nice, the chances of someone happening along your item who may actually have a use for it is higher. However, people seem to think your a damn store automatically because so many stores have taken it over. As long as you send the item you took a picture of they should be happy right? Wrong. I sold an Avon perfume I’ve had sitting around in a cabinet because I’m not in the habit of trying to keep a bunch of clutter and crap I will never use. The item still had celophane around it because I had more than one and the one I did open I didn’t like. I thought the scent was disgusting, but that’s my opinion. By post office regulations, you just need to wrap stuff like that in brown paper and put a label on it. But I completely wrap it in packing tape to avoid getting wet from rain. That wasn’t good enough for one lady and she put in a case saying she didn’t get what was listed. Somehow it had no cap on it. I put in to the case to return it for a refund. I still haven’t gotten it back but I’m highly frustrated. I know what I sent and either she is lying or someone at the post office screwed with it. If I didn’t actually need some money coming into the house I’d just throw the crap out or give it to a charity. I am sick of the dishonest people in this world and wish they’d either grow up or have a massive heart attack. That’s now a lesson learned. I will video every shipment I set up.