My dad got a letter the day before yesterday saying he had to repay the disability money he has received over several years in the amount of $73,643 and the plan to garnish his Social Security as well as taking the disability from him. The reason, he has/had a warrant for kidnapping my younger brother and I from HRS in Washington state back in 1985.

For those that don’t know HRS and CPS are the same organization. Some believe they changed the acronym because many people were calling them the Home (w)Recking Service.

Supposedly, back then, my parents were abusing us (there were four kids at the time) and back then HRS swooped in and took the kids in the home without talking first. One police officer(dressed in a suit not uniform) knocked on my parents’ door and told my mom something about needing to talk to her.She started to close it to take the chain off the door and this guy decided to shove the door open and right onto her(she wound up wearing a sling for a while after that). During that commotion she wound up pissing herself and so did the potty training little girl next to her(me). They took the children that were home. My younger brother, me, and our Older brother with Hydrocephalus.

At some other point that day they took another older brother of mine from his high school. He went to get something from his locker and the same cop that hurt my mother slammed him again the lockers. The cop was telling him they are there to help him. Yeah, by slamming him against a locker…that’s so helpful! That same cop is in jail from what I understand for molesting little boys in the system. I don’t remember his name but my brother does. During this crap my dad was in the field with his military job. Which by the way is a demanding life.

The HRS worker that I remember is Mr. Hornby. Not sure if spelled right but that sounds right to me. This man was some work. I had told him I wanted my daddy and he told me he was my daddy now. I remember that and it still pisses me off! I was a smart ass little girl and let him know he was not. I remember staying with one family at the time. Mom and dad let me know I was only gone for two weeks. They went through their court battle and the judge gave us back to them. When I got into my mom’s arms I told her that man hurt my tushy. Now in our family, that was the word for the front of the female areas not the butt like in many other.

I remember mom and dad telling us about the guy saying they had a report of such and such abuse; and they tried to say that my dad’s Vietnam medals meant he cared more for his career than his children(when they told us what happened in court). He had been out for a few years after Vietnam and the only reason he went back was to pay for my older brother’s medical issues. Not many other jobs were good pay. My mom didn’t want to be with a military man but proved to be a damn good military wife! My oldest two brothers loved playing little soldiers. How the hell is that abuse.

When mom got my younger brother and I back she saw we had lost significant weight in the two weeks we were gone. There are pictures of before and after. I’m not sure how much time passed that they had to go back to court and deal with this crap again. This time it was a commissioner who was overseeing proceedings and he said to take us back to HRS. When mom and dad got home with us dad decided to take off with us. He went AWOL to keep his children. The cops put in a kidnapping case – which is incorrect by the way since at worst he could get custodial interference. HRS didn’t give birth to me so I couldn’t be kidnapped by my parents from those bastards. When my dad let them find us he had to submit proof to someone in the military about certain things in order not to go to prison. My dad did so. This paperwork of whatever my dad knew that got him into this crap is still out there and hidden.

My mom tried to take care of this warrant a few years ago by calling the issuing police station and they had no record of it from what they told her. But it keeps coming back to haunt him. My dad loved his country and all it has done for him so far is screw him over. Mom died in 2012, dad had a stroke in February of this year and can’t do what he loves, much less work. He didn’t get to retire from the military because of this family interference. Now that he CAN”T do things they are going to take away everything he has. I will fight this as much as I can and make it very public!