I’m a firm believer in words not meaning much without something to show they are true. Like “I’m sorry” should mean that particular action won’t happen again. If it continues to happen, the words “I’m sorry” are sickening to hear.

Our boys stole my cigarettes(thankfully I’m trying to quit so that won’t be an option for much longer). This is the second time they’ve done this particular thieving, they’ve been taking lots of things at home lately that they are supposed to ask permission for in order to have. The last time they took my cigarettes was around a year ago.This time they broke into a locking freezer to get them. Now both say it was the other boy so in my mind it is both of them just trying to out the other one. My son can usually only keep up a lie with me for a short time and his son will just keep it up if it keeps him out of trouble. Unfortunately I don’t believe either of them this time and think it’s both. I had their teachers search them.

Now, his boy’s counselor wants to tell me everyone makes mistakes. How many times can it happen and still be a mistake? I’m going to make them work off stealing from me. Only problem is that sometimes it’s so much a hassle to get them to understand a task that I’m still doing more work. I feel that all of these counselors for these boys are really just enabling them. They keep letting them think, it’s ok, you just have something slightly wrong with your brain’s chemical balance. When do they start being told to try within themselves to change that? When they wind up in jail later in life, maybe. When no one else is responsible for them because of age they are thrown to the wolves thinking everyone will be so understanding. It’s tiring to feel like you’re battling the people that are supposed to be helping because every bit of “help” they give only makes the kids worse at home.