Treyarch is funny

I play Black Ops2 and used to really enjoy it. Somehow the regular core got way too hard to actually kill people when shooting them and hardcore is more fun. Except when you have those idiots running in front of you. So after enough games with those morons, you get a 5 minute suspension from the next game. Even when you stop playing for a couple of months. We decided to go back to regular core so we don’t get booted for a while and the game decided to completely freeze up on us. What a sick joke on us. I miss playing but will find other things to do until it starts working properly again. 

It’s also funny how many boys on this game have absolutely no respect for women. When you start cussing me out because I don’t play as good as you want, it’s you who has a problem. I play the game as a way to relax and pretend I’m killing all the people who try to screw me over or who have pissed me off bad enough. I don’t play to help you make your ego bigger. I’d say that if you can’t talk to a female with some level of respect you have some serious mommy issues. It’s a game, not real life. Oh and calling me a “Bitch” only makes me proud because it means I said something that hurt that ego. I’d much rather be a “Bitch” than some door mat.