Does anyone else think it’s a stupid rule that most code offices have? I can understand if the vehicle looks trashy but if it doesn’t, it shouldn’t matter. My van has been sitting on the property for a while because of lack of money to fix it. They came out to our home on the Friday before Mother’s Day and tried to take wood we have been using to fix this house because the fat ass who came here likes to harass my boyfriend. I’ve seen homes that look worse not be touched by these people but they screw with us. Really tired of the level of discrimination in some areas. Our home has not looked as bad as they try to make it sound but I guess since my boyfriend is dating a “spic” they have to pull their crap. Who are the idiots who gave these places this authority over citizens? I bother with no one in my area, so why do I have to be harassed? Now they want my van, which will be fixed and I will be driving again. They took perfectly good vehicles off my dad’s property one year too. THIS IS THEFT. Whether done by some regular schmuck or by a government schmuck, It’s still THEFT!!!