You make it hard to send you an email or figure out how to contact so I’m doing it this way. My mail carrier is a complete douche-bag and I’m tired of his not wanting t do his job for my household. Over the winter a year ago, we didn’t get mail for more than a month because he couldn’t drive over the amount of snow that a Dodge Stratus could drive over. To me, that says he can’t drive. Today I told my son to ask him to wait a minute so I could bring out a box and he told my son he had other houses to get to. That’s complete bullshit considering he never delivers the same time of day. That whole “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” is a load of crap in the time when customer service no longer seems to mean much to the United States as a whole. UPS puts the larger packages down more softly on my porch than my carrier puts those little packages. Even when he sees me open the door, he kind of tosses them. Maybe he needs a new job. In Florida (missing that state more and more) most of the carriers that delivered to my home were nicer and more efficient. Maybe they should train the carriers of New York if any of the others resemble this jackass.