This school really dislikes me. Partially because I’m not afraid to tell them off, partially because my kids decide to wear their ratty or inadequate clothes over the nicer things they own and I’m not always opposed to it. Sometimes they leave without me catching it and sometimes I’m not too worried. However, they have called CPS with flat out lies (i.e.:me missing appointments for my son, I’m beating my children, supposedly my boyfriend hits them). I missed an appointment for my son once to see his doctors. That was damn near a year ago and for damn good reason. If I were beating my children they’d be in a hell of a lot worse shape than they are. Every bruise they have is either from each other or playing because they are little hammerheads and are rough. Part of the reason I love my boyfriend so much is that he has enough constraint not to spank kids, at all! He may hit his walls rarely but has not laid a finger on one of the kids, mine or his.

The only truth to what they said was my son not taking his meds all the time. That’s because it would also b illegal for me to slam his ass on the ground and force him to swallow them. There are days that I’d beat him so hard if I didn’t have constraint myself because he is the type of kid that will push every single button he can think of when he is in the mood for it. Much of what he might say is just plain stupid but the defiance is what gets to you. He does it a lot to me. He complains that the pills are too big and refuses to take them some days. Now, the doctors can strap a kid down and shoot them with an IV, but parents are not supposed to do that to their kids. I don’t believe a parent should hit as hard as to injure the child, but I do believe it should be perfectly ok to just slap your kid for them running off at the mouth to you. What right does my 11-year-old son have to talk to me like he does? He hasn’t lived life but has the nerve to tell me what the bible says about certain things. I’ve read that book more than he can hope to get through and he goes by the crap some serviceman is telling him instead of learning for himself.

My son has ADHD, Anxiety Disorder, and something else in there. I contribute most of it to the fact I went through a court battle while pregnant with him that stressed me out so much I was sick to the point of vomiting. He also is very much like my boyfriend’s son.. His boy is also diagnosed with reactive attachment and bi-polar disorders. So guess my son has those issues as well even though they haven’t been said to me. These boys are two peas in a pod. The only difference being that his son gives him respect and my son gives no respect to either of us. They’re both good at putting that front up for new people and those they like so that they’re thought of as perfect little boys. Not everyone gets to see their bad side. Through all of this we still love them and dote on them when they are putting their better self forward and actually trying. You can tell when they aren’t even trying to behave.

Back to the point of this, I don’t have a problem with CPS for the fact that I know I’m not doing anything wrong. I have a problem with all the damn lies being placed so that some stuck up snob can try to have a way to rule me. It’s not going to happen! I will continue to be me and tell you off when I see fit. I will not silently take abuse from ANYONE! This school also called a cop on me one day because it’s supposedly against the law to blog about them “if it’s in a harassing way”. So basically you can’t say anything about them unless your kissing their butts, which I don’t do. So call the cops on me, then the next time I post about you I’ll name your school name and post your address!