The Rat Race

Most know what this is. It’s life in the U.S. definitely. It has to do with working and all the other obligations that adult life brings. Expectations to meet with friends. People in your life that have one need or another of you. The inability to have a day where you can just sit around and do nothing. Although between the different people in your life it would seem that’s what they think you’re doing when you’re not doing for them. People who get mad when your not at their beck and call, people who you cause you to feel guilty when your not available and the others who try to do that to you. When it’s family and you have some sort of relationship with them you feel guilty in general. Others who seem like you’re just a taxi. Or those who act like it’s your fault when your significant other isn’t available. Like somehow dating a man makes you his mother and you supposedly know everything he has to do. When you have children you’re not supposed to live either. You and your children are supposed to attend a myriad of appointments and have no time for fun things together. You’re supposed to work every waking moment and not be there for your kids on one end, but somehow be there for them during those same moments on the other. This is life. I don’t care that I may have bad grammar or structure to this post either. As I saw a spam comment about it that said my administrator was doing a poor job and I should pay jackass so and so to do it for me.


Have a great day all.