What a week

I do so many little is jobs so that I’m home when my kids are. No one can handle them as well as I can so far, or deal with their behavior. But I’m not liking one of those jobs since manager (maybe) at Walmart gave me attitude. I was auditing an item there and correcting their inventory. The manager that was their told me correcting via their system wasn’t going to happen. I couldn’t stand the tone of his voice. Rather than telling him off I only said I’d let the company know. But it’s still irking me that I let him disrespect me. Out in this area, some of the fast food restaurants have had the best customer service I’ve ever seen. Grocery stores not so much. Not from the managerial side of it anyway. I’m probably not even getting paid for that work because I was expected to get the inventory correction done. Hope karma bites that jerk in the ass.