Does mourning ever get easier?

2 years and 31 days ago my mother passed away. Does the pain ever really get easier? I have some good days, but many days where I’m still so heartbroken. This year it is worse because 2 years and 11 days after her death, my father had a stroke. He is still in the hospital and I’m too far away to see him. I’m a coward in the fact that I can’t bring myself to call him. Dad was always strong, even when he was sick. Almost as soon as mom was gone he started getting sick more often, and now this.  This is not my first time dealing with loss either. I had physically lost  my eldest son(he’s not dead, thankfully, but I will go into this one another time) in 2002  I also lost another woman I considered a grandmother within a couple years from that. It never gets any easier in my opinion. These are real losses, aside from the every day kinds (breakups, material junk, jobs). It really sucks! Yes, I am whining…because I can.Image