It’s obvious that I am inconsistent. I just don’t have something to say every day. Most of what I do have to say is a complaint about how I believe something isn’t working the way it should. My daily life, in general, is rather boring by the standards of most. I go through the same worries as many people, I know many others deal with much worse. This means in no way that I haven’t had true problems. Each problem’s intensity is based on the person dealing with them.

The past two weeks I’ve been so very sick. To the point I felt I might die. I hate going to hospitals though. I did when I slid down our outdoor stairs to make sure I didn’t break anything and then became sick. I guess it was the flu. Wasn’t going back to find out. The kids wound up sick too so I’ve given them home-made antibiotics. I pretty much refuse to get the medical antibiotics since my mother contracted MRSA. It sucked to see her go through it and I’m going to avoid it if I can in my family.

My boyfriend no longer works for that wretched company and has a few tricks up his sleeve to hopefully have no need to go back to working for some undeserving company. The recession we had gave companies too much power over people. I don’t think companies should be able to have mandatory over-time, or telling non-managers to be available on the weekend if the facility is supposedly closed on weekends. Managers should be available to the place at all times, not employees who don’t make the bigger paycheck. Most of us work for our children or to have things we want if there aren’t children yet and I see no point in having the job if it makes sure you never see them.

I’m getting back into my myriad of home-based jobs. I miss working but there just isn’t much available in this little area. Thankfully it seems to be a good thing for a few mystery shop companies as I may be the only one in a close vicinity. Yay for me there!

I see I have a few new followers, that’s awesome! Come in and see my rants. I’ll check out your blogs of course. Anywho, have a great day all!!