Say Goodbye to Survival Mode by Crystal Paine

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode by Crystal Paine.

I am subscribed to a blog called Money Saving Mom by Crystal Paine, which of course is good for dads too. Nowadays all of these things really go well for both because there are probably just as many fathers involved as moms. Anyhow, the woman who writes this blog also creates lists and charts to help others become the super-parent we all wish to be. You can view her blog using the link above. I thoroughly enjoy many of her posts. I read so much for ideas about things to help my children and myself do better and now this lovely woman has a book I’m excited to read. If I get the time to sit and read it anyway.
This statement on the page about her book caught my eye more than anything:
“You wake up tired. Your to-do list is too long. The commitments—and the laundry—are piling up, but your energy keeps dwindling. You feel like you’re simply making it through the days, not living or enjoying any part of them.”
This is exactly how I’ve felt for the past few years really. My mother passed on January 23, 2012. Since then, I’ve just been going through the motions of life for the most part. I’ve enjoyed some parts, but haven’t been able to cope well with the everyday and I’m a wreck when there is more stress and strife in the home. The opposition I am getting from outside the house is horrifying to me right now and I am always tired, even when I sleep enough. I love organization, always have. I used to be better at it but life seems to run you over at some point and it’s hard to realize until you’re about to break or have broken. I’m at that point, even though I have a wonderful man who tries to take some of the weight off my shoulders. He works full time, over that sometimes, and is tired as well. I still have one at home with four in school. All are fourteen and younger so there are the issues that go with that. Two of the children have serious behavior issues.
It’s hard, and I want to do better. I want us all to be able to live. Not just go through life, but really live it. I know you don’t have to be rich for that. I also know that it has to be about what is best for all of us, not what is best for those outside-looking-in. Although, their suggestions can be helpful, they aren’t always.
I am going to counseling and will also buy this book as soon as I have the money to spend, because I will feel less alone above all else. Seeing how someone else handled this state of being gives inspiration. It is called “Say Goodbye to Survival Mode” and, again, you can read more about it at that link above.