The Holidays

So the holidays are technically over. They never really are, if you think about it. There is something nearly every month. Here we have a birthday every month for 6 months of the year. One woman at my children’s school has apparently taken a liking to my children. She is doing a lot for them. Instead of feeling grateful, I’m jealous. It’s not fair that someone outside of my family can do more for my children than I can. There was a time when I was completely self-sufficient. Not being that way anymore is disheartening and not good for me psychologically. Having my kids look to someone else more than me is much more so. No one really realizes that when they try to help. How are you making the parent feel?

Yes, children have needs. Those needs are love, shelter, food, drink, and clothes on their back. There is, however, a point where this can all become excess. When the kids stop taking care of what they already have means that point has been crossed. When you get them something that is expensive for you and it doesn’t mean much to them, they have reached the excess. Please think of how you are helping a parent. Worst of all, don’t make them out to be a monster for not wanting their children to grow up the spoiled brats many adults are today.