The Duck Dynasty/Religion Controversy

This has probably been worn out already but this issue cause by the guy in Duck Dynasty is a bit annoying. I’m glad we have our freedoms. I’m glad people feel better in their spiritual setting. However, this should not have even begun. First off, the reporter shouldn’t have even asked a question about religion. It was done, in my opinion, to insight something. Either way something rotten would have come out of a question on religion or homosexuality. That is the entirety of the controversy with homosexuality anyway: Religious beliefs. He said what he feels and believes, that is his thinking and was his truth. That network shouldn’t be punishing him for his thoughts. However, many Christians in this world have done the exact same thing to those they deem unworthy of God as the network is doing to him in a matter of punishing.

Some do turn the other cheek and let people live but there have been so many who persecute others for what they feel or believe. Why is it that no one can see injustices unless it is in their best interest? No one seems to realize when they do so to others but notice quick when it’s done to them.

No, the network should not suspend him for his own beliefs that the reporter led him into answering. He could have simply declined to answer and it still would have been a controversy. However, some of the Christians who will be picketing on this should stop and think the next time they have some unclean thoughts toward those who don’t believe the same way as you do.

We have so many different religions in this world that to me it only says: WE CAN’T GET ALONG AND JUST LET OTHERS LIVE. Based on the way their members behave towards others, Before there are any stupid remarks. I believe in a higher being, whatever his name may be. However, I do not put much stock in religion. That voice inside your head that says “I shouldn’t do this” is called morals and everyone has them. Even babies do something and wait for a reaction because they are not sure it’s right to do. So everyone has a set of morals , though some may be easily swayed by others because they are not sure enough of themselves.

I am not by any means a perfect specimen of humanity, but I do think the arguments are a bunch of bs.