New Day

That’s every day really. I have realized I need to proofread my emails and these blog posts better so that I look like less of an idiot. Some people think I am any way so it wouldn’t really matter. I speak my mind, and when I’m mad I kind of stutter on my words. I still stand by every word I said even if it is considered wrong because it is exactly how I feel.

I feel as though I’m being discriminated against in some way. I don’t know if it is my Spanish last name(which is mine by birth, I’ve never been married), the fact that I  have these kids and have never been married or they have different fathers, or the fact that I moved north from Florida. Whatever it is I know it’s there. Some people are still racist even though it is one of the most idiotic ways to be in this world. It was idiotic back when it was popular. My older daughter’s father was a racist person. I can’r count how many times he called me a spic and told me I was Mexican even though I’m part Puerto Rican. No one knows why I have the kids and they have different fathers. Most would assume I just didn’t know how to close my legs. The fact that I was using some form of birth control with each of them and still got pregnant doesn’t matter to any one.

I’m not sorry that I actually enjoy sex. I’m not sorry I’m born to a Hispanic father and an Italian mother, or that I was born in the United States and not some other country. I’m not sorry that I am outgoing and speak my mind. I’m not sorry to those that are snobbish and think they are better than anyone else in some way. I’m not sorry I am me. I will not let people bully me without fighting back in some way.