Oh Schools Are Funny

The cops were called on me for warning the school here that I would blog my issue today. Supposedly I had already been told that I can’t do this(this was a complete lie, nothing has been said to me and I signed no confidentiality waiver).  The cop told me to be safe I should refrain from blogging it (because it is somehow harassing to the school I don’t name) and call the administrative building. My bigger issue with that point is…don’t we have a constitutional right to freedom of speech and press? I mean, I’m not naming them, and just venting my frustration with how inept they are at social behavior and professionalism. Government in general just likes the truth to be kept under wraps. If I went to the mainstream news, what could they do then? They can’t just shut you up then, and those channels love a good story. I’ve seen lots of schools put out there for incorrectly handling one thing or another. The news names them or the area. I’m not even doing that.

The school my kids went to where I’m from was better at handling things with my son and I than this one is, and that was considered a little hick town by many people. This area is supposed to be more developed but has less knowledge in how to speak to another adult. Nor do they follow what should be common knowledge about not speaking in front of ‘customers’ about another person.

So, bring me up on charges and this will be on TV news.