I keep seeing posts of this by various people through my youtube channel and every time it gets to me. It does this because it is complete ignorance.  To see public figures act so asinine about something they don’t truly know is infuriating. 

I think the correct term the chick is looking for on her worst day would be Bitch, and this must of been one of those days. Fox is not one I tend to watch so I don’t know how often she sounds so condescending and the guy is a complete douche sounding one as well. I’ve seen a few videos with him via youtube because of a complaint of their inaccuracies or way of just bringing the hate out in someone.  I’m assuming they are on that news channel because they are the characters everyone loves to hate rather than their ability to put out “news”. 

From what I’ve seen, there is nothing truly set within paganism or witchcraft. Although Wicca looks like much the same as any other religion in having a set of rules most within the faith seem to follow, I always understood that witches didn’t have specific rules unless they were in a coven. It all seems pretty much based on the morals and wishes of each individual before it became so easy to correspond across the globe and become more organized. I could be wrong, but even Christianity started out pretty haphazard until the churches got some important followers. Religion seems to all go with the majority rule; and as much as our government is supposed to be separated from church it’s obviously not. If they are going to complain about one getting holidays off, maybe none should have holidays off. That’s just my opinion that everything should be equalized across the cultures and religions within a country. A country should not have it’s people divided with petty arguments and differences. They should get over themselves and worry about the bigger picture.