Awesome The School Called CPS

I am actually happy about this. I’m happy because it now forces them to do their jobs too and I am going to use this opportunity to put them in their place.

Yes, your job is to help children learn, which you don’t always seem to do so well either. My children come to me all the time saying they don’t understand the work. Bad part is sometimes I don’t either. Things look different then I remember. I’ve also been out of school over 10 years. It’s increasingly obvious that teachers are not as strong minded as they used to be. I know I’m not as strong as my parents were. They dealt with all this garbage so much better than I am. Mom used to tell the principal off when she felt they were in the wrong and I have made the mistake of letting them think I am soft-spoken over the years and try not to cuss them out because it seems like you have no education when you do that. However, listening to them seems to make them think the same thing.

Yesterday I requested via email for a written report of what my son allegedly did at school. He wrote down his version of it for me. If I don’t get that report on Monday I am going to look into a way to charge the school with custodial interference. I have the right to know EVERYTHING that goes on with my child. If I knew how to teach academics and to get the kids to listen better I would home-school them because schools I’ve dealt with no longer seem equipped to handle children unless the child is perfectly behaved. The hardest part is knowing whether to believe my son or the school on his actions. I know he isn’t perfectly behaved and has mental issues. I also know that when you have done things in your past the people in charge are less likely to believe you over the other guy. So here’s my rock and hard place. Cps is not truly my issue because I look at them as help to overcome the stuck-up ‘official’ people.