I really dislike condescending people

Maybe that’s what I am and that’s why I can’t stand it, I don’t know. Mostly where I notice it is the school here. Apparently I’m going to have CPS called on me again for my son supposedly not getting his meds. I could be wrong, but it was my understanding that the choice for meds is ultimately with the parent. I have him on the meds because I believe he needs them. I’m not always awake to administer them to him but always have a note ready in case I can’t wake up. I have sleeping issues of my own. However, to have the school call me and give me a condescending tone of voice when they talk to me about what my son has done. I KNOW he needs help. I KNOW I have asked for things I’ve been told to go after and had those ideas shot down until the SCHOOL ¬†decides. Why is it that schools have more pull than parents in the lives of children?

There are 5 children in this home. Two of which have mental issues. I love my children and want to tell anyone that says anything bad about them to shove it. I don’t because I’m realistic and know the issues need to be dealt with; but you can only go as far as these services will allow you to go. Maybe it’s a blessing to have CPS called. At least then you get the help you need. When you try to do it yourself everyone acts like you don’t know what you’re talking about. I may not have a doctorate but I am not completely stupid and I do listen when someone I believe has any care tells me. When people want to talk to you like you’re not trying it is such BULLSHIT! All I’ve been doing is trying and sadly getting no where because a bunch of stuck-up cunts are the ones in charge of your life. I will admit that 2 of the people that deal with my son in the school seems to care, another in the mental health office, and the one who works with the other boy here(this one is phenomenal and enlightens me so much on possible outlets). Anyone else I’m not so sure. Give me less crappy attitude and maybe I’ll be willing to talk to you. That’s just me. I am not longer a young person and refuse to be treated as such.