I think Time Warner sucks right now

I Go with them because Dish cuts out with bad weather and Verizon’s internet sucks. When their sales person comes to the door they don’t really answer your questions. When you got kids that butt in to everything it doesn’t help either. I shouldn’t have bothered asking my boyfriend to put in cable. there are no cartoon channels for the kids and that is the only reason I really cared. I don’t watch TV much and could care less for personal use.The price I see online looks like I should have standard cable based on what I will be paying but as it stands I have basic. The online chat people and on the phone never seem to know what you are asking them and send you to things already checked. I am not stupid and know how to look online for the channel line up.

This is how it starts. Last Tuesday the salesman shows up. Offers me net and cable with the cartoons, history and scyfy channels for just double what I am paying for the net. Cool, talk to my boyfriend because it would be a cool way to get the kids to stay in their rooms when I need the break or time to get things done. I don’t let them zombie out in front of the tv all the time. He could watch his sports, and the few shows I care to see I will. Salesman also told me free installation and I could have as many rooms as I want.


Appointment day rolls around and the tech doesn’t show up. My boyfriend calls them complaining and when they show after that(about an hour after the appointment was supposed to be) the guy is rude as hell. He got 3 of the TVs(we have 4 kids’ rooms, each with an old hand-me-down TV) working and my boyfriend and I wound up fixing up the rest with out own splitter. Good thing we know how to do some things ourselves. Then I realize we don’t have the cartoon channels in non HD. Obviously that doesn’t show on the older TVs. I have basic and TV essentials which is obviously crap. Called to upgrade it to Standard and they suggest digital because it is “only $6 more than standard per month”. Ask my man and he says yeah we can try to swing that price.


Today is the new appointment, which was supposed to be 8am-9am as per the phone and  email I was sent but my boyfriend gets a call around 4:30pm while he is at work  to say we need to reschedule. Apparently they changed the time without notifying us. I want to cancel so bad but the kids are expecting this. I am just so tired of how businesses expect payment promptness from their patrons but they can’t give customer service worth anything! It is hard to afford cable with 5 kids in the house and inability for both of us to have a job or we’d lose it anyway for the myriad of times the schools need us to be there in the middle of the day.