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Today, my son ran home from some kids that were trying to bully him. This is one of several times it’s happened to him. Personally,I sick of it. I know any parent who deals with this is. My son has ADHD and aggression issues. I went outside and yelled down the street at them that I’ll call the police because obviously I can’t spank them(that is what they need for that crap). This only adds to his problems. My boyfriend’s daughter had the same bullying issue at the same elementary school. She’s a very modest girl, which is probably why it happened to her.

Now they are different than I was. I got made fun of throughout school but only got in a few fights. For the most part , no one got too violent with me. I would tell people off with a quickness and my parents were very vocal to the entire community about leaving their child alone. Later, I started just not caring.  Once I did that, it all pretty much stopped.

I think all of the garbage is brought out by people thinking they have entitlement. I know that some of the bullying is from low self-esteem, jealousy, and possibly abuse at home, and even some because of mental issues, but some of it is most definitely that some parents instill in their kids that they are somehow better than others. Everyone is born naked! With nothing, no knowledge of anything per say. Yes,some learn slightly easier.  That shouldn’t be a reason to bully someone who doesn’t. Some have physical impairments, the ones who bully them are trash. Right now, I’m saying screw it to the whole turn the other cheek thing and saying that if you are a bully, I hope you have a very long and very hard life.