I have complained. in the recent and far past, about schools and teachers. I am going to share 2 links I think people should go to and read. In one, the teacher talks about an official speaking of teacher-less classrooms. The virtual ones obviously.

while this seems like a great idea on one hand, it seems absolutely ridiculous on the other. I know that there are parents capable of utilizing this option, my father was one of them. However, there are many others, myself include, that are not. I learn easy, but am not very good at teaching or relaying to others what I have learned. With Virtual instruction, there will have to be someone there to explain and police session times for younger people.

In my opinion, virtual instruction should primarily be for college (when the student is most likely capable on monitoring their own time and using it properly) and MAYBE high school. School is also a time when parents can work, unwind, or get other things done. If you have  multiple children it is very hard to do anything while they are home, especially if they all fight and argue like most normal siblings do.

These same things are why I get so frustrated with having to help academically instruct my children. I don’t understand half the crap they bring home. My seven-year-old was bringing home math assignments that made no sense this past year because they were beginning to teach in a way as to show how the numbers relate to each other(as far as I understood her teacher) , rather than just teaching that 1+1=2. I was not taught that way and don’t understand it. Also, my children are rather stubborn and finding the right way to explain something to them is not an easy task. Even being their own mother. Teachers are shown other methods of explaining to different learning types. If the population wasn’t so over run(and yes my family is part of the over population) they’d have time for individualized learning.

I think school should be learning; and tests should be based on the curriculum, not the other way around. I’m no scholar and probably made several mistakes in here, but this is my opinion on the matter.