The more I get to deal with schools and counselors throughout my children’s lives the more I realize how many of them are so full of it. I know I don’t have a degree or anything but I’m not as stupid as they like to believe I am. My son has had a few really good counselors who truly try to help, but has also had a few who I’d like to tell to go screw themselves. The schools have brought to me a few more people like that.
I also see this with my boyfriend’s son. His counselor is the reason I decided to finally write this. She wrote an email to him in such a demanding tone that I’d like to tell her off. For their summer program they have field trips just about every Friday that are apparently required. So those trips supposedly cannot be used as a punishment for his home behavior. To me, that says it doesn’t matter how disrespectful he may be to me as his babysitter. Now there are times he has acted in such a way that if it were a daycare center he would be kicked out of it. But it doesn’t matter to his counselor as I see her wording.
In my son’s case it is currently his school who seems to demand things that are my choice as his parent, not theirs.  For instance, I have allowed the counselors to put my son on medication. As his parent I could have chosen a solely Alternative health method unless they took me to court about it and won. However, when there are times I was unable to get his meds I have been hot-lined into Child Protective Services because the school is trying to show me they make the decisions. That is how I look ate these things. The same goes for random schmucks in stores, in most (if not all) places, it is NOT illegal to spank your child within safe limits. However, some people threaten to, or actually do, call CPS on you. 
Just the other day this stupid wench neighbor of mine decided to butt in while I was talking to my son because (I guess) she thought I was talking about her and didn’t like that I gave her attitude. Thank God she isn’t trying to talk to me anymore. It’s hard to ignore people when you have kids who thrive on attention.
The point is that I’m sick and tired of everyone in this world thriving for power over another. Especially when it comes to my child. I gave birth to him, I went through the labor; I’ll listen to your opinion and if I see it as valid, I may attempt to integrate it into my way of doing things. Other than that, get over yourself.