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I want to talk about a few things I've read and some of the current events. My main focus here is control. I know that articles about the Newtown school shooting have been done and overdone but that's in here too.

First, gun control issues. I do not think the 'regular' people in the U.S. should have even more restrictions. Time and time again it is proven that those who want to do harm to others WILL find a way. Usually the way they find it is easier than the every-day Joe. A determined mind finds what it needs in any situation. However, to disarm the rest of us is absurd. Here I am going to just list a link where you can read the article and tell you my thoughts on what's being said. I agree with almost all of what was said in the article except this one piece:
“So many supporters of the Second Amendment have seem to forgotten that the Constitution of the United States is the law of this land, and no one – not the President, not Congress, not the FBI or ATF or any of the alphabet gangs -is above it.”

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The reason I disagree with this is something the writer also mentioned in this article:
“our Founding Fathers acknowledged a very important and telling human trait – a trait that should be easily recognizable to anyone currently in America:  “…mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves…“. In other words, people will take the devil they know over the devil they don’t any day of the week, even if the devil they know is abusive, tyrannical, repressive, and wholly self-perpetuating.”
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The fact is that too many people will lay down and take whatever they are given. We are all taught to be sheep and let wolves guide us. Through religious teaching (I don't mean what is in the books as much as the portrayal from those explaining the books), through interactions with officials, through the jobs we hold where opinions are not taken into consideration. We learn to be soft spoken and compliant, those who stand up for themselves are treated as criminals. We may have the constitution, but if the people of this country keep allowing the governing of every aspect of their life, the government will one day have enough control to just take over and burn that constitution, and we will be disarmed(whether by our own government or some other tyrannous piece of trash out there).

Too many bullheaded and controlling people think it's a good idea to control your life:
Many religious people want to ban abortion: if they take that life then they have God to deal with in their death. It is NOT YOUR JOB TO JUDGE. That is by the context of the words of your own book if you follow the Bible. Most of those books for religion have the clause that you have judges of the land and that they should decide based on the laws of the land. But why do you feel the need to create so many restrictions on others? Based on those books you are to try to help guide others on the path you believe but not force them, That is not your purpose in life.
People want to ban guns because of the mentally sick individuals who decide to go shoot up schools(this is where Newtown came in) or rob other people. Disarming a fellow law-abiding citizen will not stop the criminal mind from getting those guns.
Prostitution is illegal because of moral standpoints where making it legal has the benefits of making those women and men have testing and therefore creating less opportunity for the spread of disease. Got news for you, no matter how much you dislike this one and how degrading/immoral you think it to be-it will exist.
This one is personal-people look down on you for having children and never being married. I'm sorry I didn't stay with some emotionally or mentally abusive piece of trash so you can feel better about me. Got news for you-I used birth control methods and they did not work. Granted I could have abstained but not many can say they did that one these days so shove it.
There are many out there who are still very racist (I have met quite of few from all different races). No race is better than the other, you have morons and great people from all of them. Every race/person more than likely has someone in their family who was a slave because the early tribal types fought and enslaved other tribes. So that works both ways: get over it for the ones who want to use it as leverage or a way to be angry; and learn to care for your fellow humans for the ones who think slavery should still exist.
Also, I want to say that the need for control is a mental condition many people see psychiatrists for, some take drugs for it. So you should probably rethink your holier than thou attitudes and wonder if your need for control is something you should seek help for. Oh and yes I should probably be seeing a shrink too, but I have my outlet. By the constitution, I have the right to speak my opinion.