So many Ideas(or just more about me)

So, I keep thinking of all kinds of things to put up here but haven’t
actually done them yet. I am quite absent minded. I have come to miss
writing, though, so will be putting up random posts as life allows me the
chance. About anything and everything. If you happen to not like one or
more of my posts in the future, don’t read it. I really don’t care to hear
of complaints. Constructive criticism will be OK as long as I don’t think
you’re being a douche-bag. The only opinion that matters to me much,
though, happens to be my boyfriend. His opinion was meaningful to me for
the 5 years before we started seeing each other and continues to be.

Anyhow, don’t remember if I said it yet…but I’m a gamer chick. I play
the Facebook games, I play Wild Tangent, more recently started playing COD
Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops 2. Do better by far on Black Ops 2 than I
did on MW3 but still not great. Although I don’t play any of it so often I
don’t get my household stuff taken care of. Might slack off a day, two,
maybe even a week…but never let it get too terrible. II have
a YouTube channel where I posted one vid of my Black Ops (game turned out
to be pretty good for me). Not the only one I would have liked to put up
but only good one that seemed to actually show up in my recent games when I
looked for it. Anywho, I think the game is pretty awesome. Keeping my
language pg until I actually fully read TOS for the blog sites again.

Well, that’s all I got to say for now. Have a beautiful day!!