SSI, Foostamps, and other government agencies.

The more I learn about the government agencies that are designed to help, the more I realize they are all full of shit. Also, to those people that complain about having to pay into these agencies: FUCK YOU! You have no idea how hard this crap is to get. All the hoops you have to jump through. I had a simple, older model Metro PCS phone, not some high end phone(now i have no phone). CPS actually feels it’s a requirement to have a cellphone. Not even something that works the same as a land line is good enough for them.Some of us didn’t want kids until a certain age. To start out ahead of the preferred age and have you bitching about helping us out when we need it is ridiculous. I paid into all that shit for more than 10 years, and now that I need help I can’t fucking get it. But I kept my children since I didn’t abstain totally from having sex(birth control is a fucking joke too, I got pregnant on 4 different types. Yep 4 kids.).
I have clothes that barely fit because no matter what I do, I can’t keep my weight down. I eat MAYBE one meal a day to make sure there is food for the kids. Jobs are not as easy to find as everyone says when you got kids and no one to watch them. My mother died a year ago, she was my support system. Jobs are not flexible to you, flexible means for them. They could give a shit less if you’d have to leave your kid home alone for some fuckhead to grab and rape or kill. Daycare costs A LOT. And before you mention my internet, it’s not mine. I have to pay child support for my first kid because some dickhead I was dating decided to hit him when I trusted someone other than my mom to watch him. I don’t even get to see him now for many circumstances so I moved to a new area, it’s no easier to get help or feasible work in the new area. I’m an office type person. I suck at hard labor so how the hell do I keep those jobs?!? Some jobs have mandatory over time. Don’t give a shit about you having a kid there either. For anyone to say it’s not their problem, think of who will be members of society later jackasses. You’ll be old, needing social security and having these kids complain about supporting your asses too! I have a boyfriend now, who tries his damnedest, works for a crappy company who keeps changing his shift, he don’t catch no break anywhere either. I hate that I’m not contributing to the household. I mean, I cook and clean but that doesn’t help to pay bills I help create. So again I say to those of you who don’t like helping your own neighbors out: FUCK YOU!!!
SSI– this one tells you that your kids condition is not disabling when you see that, at the moment there is no chance of them surviving in this world if you can’t get them more help.
Food-stamps-this one tells you to give them certain paperwork and then never tells you why you didn’t get help.
Medicaid– This one will cut your disabled kid off as soon as they are out of a program even though you still have expensive ass medicine to pay for without affording it.
Schools– they will call cps on you when the kids isn’t getting the medicine you can’t afford.
CPS– Always depends on the worker. Some will tell you to put in place things you already know doesn’t work. They expect your house to be spotless but you better do it while your kids is sleeping(with some workers again) or you’re neglecting them(not supervising properly) because we all know kids get into shit in a split second.
Don’t get me wrong about my kids, I love them. They are the only reason I’m still living. I had a death wish as a kid. And as soon as they can take care of themselves, I hope God takes me from this lousy world.