Hospitality Staffing Solutions-Orlando FL

So I had the pleasure of working for this company for 2 weeks at a hotel. It’s my fault I don’t have the job so that’s not my complaint. My complaint is that they don’t seem to care when it comes to answering a question about when you are going to get paid. Their hours of operation are not outside the same hours people normally have to work so that makes it hard to deal with them any other way besides the phone. However, they still have not answered my voice message about when and how I will receive pay for the time I worked. I get so highly irritated by the fact that now companies have the ability to be jerks based on the fact that the economy has not gotten better yet. Now they seem unwilling to give anyone a chance to work or be human once you have the job. I have worked very hard in my life but as I get older I realize that I prefer to take care of my family over working myself to death. Of course, I have to work to take care of my family but too many jobs have some unrealistic expectations. First, if I have to call in for my kids I am going to. If I stayed up all night with my sick child it will effect my work the next day. So this world is really becoming lousy when a job expects you to neglect your family in order to keep it.