Religion or no Religion

Not sure what date will show up here but I actually wrote this back in December, after and argument with someone.

I just read this article on Atheism
and found it very interesting. Now, I am not an Atheist, I usually consider myself Agnostic when it comes to the question of what you are (Atheist, Agnostic, Theist). I feel(believe might work) that there is a higher power, or God; but I never claim to know that there is. No one who hasn’t spoken to it would know there is. I do associate myself with paganism in the idea that I believe the world is connected through the energy in all living things. I also believe that it is possible to manipulate events without physical interaction to them.

What I simply can not stand about some people is how many seem to need to control how you think. When you have a different opinion they have to just about force you to believe as they do. Granted, not everyone, but very many. They expect you to take fault for some ignorant thing done before your time by those who may have had similar views to yours. However, does anyone really think the same. I mean, so many people can read the same thing and yet understand it very differently. Or see the same thing at a distance and view different objects. I don’t think anyone should expect others to be a robot and view as they do.

Here is another way I know I’ll upset people, but it needs to be said. Have you ever thought about how similar Roman and Greek mythology are to the mainstream monotheistic religions we have now? Think about it…they had the major deities (God of Gods), somewhat lesser Gods that interacted with different aspects of the world, and messengers. In monotheism, most have God(whatever the name, color, or gender you believe), angels, and prophets(saints somewhat fit into the angel and profit category simultaneously). So either way there are three levels. They just have different names in the different belief systems. The only real difference between current day religions who are theistic is some of the rules they follow and maybe half of what is in their books.

All religions who are theistic have fought in the name of their God. The rules in those books state to harm those who do not believe the same. Now why would something that created the universe and life care what you called it? Or how you chose to worship it? I would think it had less rules than people try to place on each other. The whole free will thing comes to mind.

My point here is, get over yourself and let people believe what they wish. If they aren’t forcing it down your throat, you shouldn’t be doing so to them.