P.I.N.K. Method | Products

P.I.N.K. Method | Products

Background: I watch the Doctors tv show on WFTVDT 9 just about everyday. I love medical knowledge, just wish I could retain more of what I learn.

Story: While watching the show this morning they talked about the P.I.N.K. Method. The reason for it being called that is not what I automatically thought. The letters in the name mean Power, Intensity, Nutrition, Kardio. I assumed it had to do with breast cancer awareness and being female. So, I’m not perfect. The woman who came up with the idea to do this is Cynthia Pasquella. You can learn more about her on her site (just click above, click Team).

You can also view the episode on the Doctors here http://www.thedoctorstv.com/ .

It’s very tempting to check out this, I just usually don’t spend money on myself if I don’t absolutely have to. So if anyone reading this happens to try it out, let me know how it is. While writing this blog, there is a 15% discount on the package via the website. Not sure how long that will last.