I just recently had a discussion with some(more like an argument for at least a little while) about religion. Now, this person is Atheist and I am not. I honestly believe that there is God but do not claim to know either way and I do not follow any main stream religions for the level of contempt that they all seem to have towards others. I label myself to be Pagan and find many of the OLD views to be more accurate.

Here is my reason for the post with names edited:

Person: But I am saying you are wrong!! And should not be allowed to have a say for what you believe has caused more harm than good !!  

Me: I, personally, have not caused any person harm for my beliefs. What others do with their beliefs is on them and their conscience. Mine is clear.
Person: Then you a coward and the worst kind. You are guilty by association and promotion! You subscribe to religion that harms and kills millions! You are not innocent!

However, what really got me going is the whole thing that someone wants you to hold yourself accountable for what others in your “religion” have done to harm humans. I do not feel that I should be held accountable for what others have done. That, to me, is like holding the whole of the military accountable for the few “soldiers” that have raped in the countries they fought in (most widely heard of being Vietnam War in the 60s). That would mean I should consider any military friend I have had, and my own male family members, as rapists. Now, I am not going to do this because I do not blame all for what a few have done; but this is how I view that comment. I could absolutely hate men for the few who screwed me over in some way, I can’t do that either. To hold all accountable for a few is the wrong idea.