Government Help

I have come up with a new pet peeve today. Now, it’s not that I am not at all grateful for the help the government gives people in need. Although, many abuse it and many others are jerks and think we don’t need it because it uses their tax dollars. Anyone ,like me, has put money into the crap and have every right to ask for the help. Those that have never worked and abuse it while using cash they get in some illegal way may not deserve it but some of us do deserve the help when we are down on our luck. However, my pet peeve is how these people act with you when you are there to either pick up the Christmas gifts you couldn’t afford to get your kids, or food you couldn’t afford this week, or clothes, or anything of that nature.
Where do they come off  thinking they can talk down to you? I have worked in so many customer service areas and have never acted like the stuck up wench some of these people portray themselves to be. It’s a load of crap. Everyone who gets into a higher position in life seems to abuse that position by acting like that with those less fortunate. I go into a place that I know called me thinking I heard to pick up gifts. I don’t hear very well over the phone because it always sounds muffled. The receptionist couldn’t get the person whose name was close to what I heard, instead she just tells me they are not doing that yet. OK so why can’t I still talk to the person to sort it out? If you don’t know she called me then who are you? Why can’t I speak to the one who I need to and just hear what you are telling me. So screw it, until they call me again I guess we don’t get whatever it is. Wouldn’t be the first Christmas my kids and I went without and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I am so sick of the high and mighty trash people pull.
Just because you can afford more then I can does not make you above me. I am out of work because the business I worked for couldn’t afford to keep me on staff (mom and pop type place). Any position I have went after since either states I have too little credentials or too many. I applied to be a server and was told that they didn’t think I’d be happy there. Oh no, of course I’d be happier being just about homeless and having my children and I starve. I am so sick of people in general some days. As I have realized, many of the businesses out there will now only hire a few and work them to where they barely have time to sleep because all they would need to do is threaten layoff. It’s sickening that employment should be so scarce and businesses should be able to hold that over you so badly. Doesn’t matter you have children with no one to watch them outside of the hours you give. Either work our hours or go hungry. When they say flexible schedule they don’t mean for you, they mean yours has to be flexible.

I am happy that I do have some work to do, but I am not getting enough at the moment.One or two days a week, or month, are not enough to sustain a family; but at least I do have something. Many people are more willing to send money to other less fortunate countries then they are to give $1 to a U.S. homeless person. I understand that the U.S. is rampant with alcoholics and drug users, but those other countries could have the same problems. Some of us hate to ask for help in the first place, so we do not need to be talked down to as well.