Why does this country keep going further and further into the ground?

First everyone who looks at this post should take a look at this article and read: Shocking Video Of Police Pepper Spraying UC Davis Students
 This is totally outrageous. I do not care what the excuse would have been but the people in this video were sprayed AFTER they were sitting down in the group there. This is total crap. I agree with this article and the article it refers to. I see how many police officers become totally self-absorbed and treat the very people they are supposed to protect and serve like trash.

I saw this in my own experience when I called the police because some guy in another apartment where I lived at the time broke some things outside his door and sounded irate over my son running through our apartment in the middle of the day. I was scared of it; being a young female in the place with 2 children anyone should be. The cop that came was a young Hispanic male who acted like a total douche with me giving the man an excuse for vandalizing the outside of the apartment. My last name is Hispanic too, although I took more of my mother’s genes then my father’s so I don’t look it. I could not believe the way the police office spoke to me. That wasn’t the first time either.

Another time my mother made me call the police because a place I was renting was vandalized when I stayed the night at their house and the cop for that was fine, took my statement and all, and it was done. However, the landlord through my stuff out (which they are not allowed to do by landlord tenant laws in the situation as it was) and the police officer my mother called for that blamed ME. I was totally irate with that and told him I didn’t need to take his attitude. I also made it a point to say how I thought he should speak more respectfully to my mother who was at least 10 years the jerk’s senior, and how I thought he needed to get some booty to lighten his attitude. I have a tendency to speak my mind since I know you can get away with most of it as long as you make sure it’s known that it is your opinion and have witnesses to the fact. If you don’t say that it’s your opinion they can actually arrest you for perjury.

Those are a couple of my experiences, so I don’t really think that the article is unbelievable. Some men and women become police officers to serve and protect while many others do so in order to make them feel better about their lousy existence as humans. If they act like that because of a psychiatric problem due to the stress of the job, they should no longer do that job!

I have stayed away from most politics but I am going to say something here and now and do not care what anyone thinks of it. The only president I have liked in the years I have actually paid attention was Clinton. I felt his wife, Hilary,  should have been the one in office and I still stand by that thought. I don’t believe the rut we are in is Obama’s fault, but he hasn’t really helped to get us out of it either. I don’t care that he was black, white, purple, brown, blue. It doesn’t matter. It just seems to me like he is a talker and worries too much about pleasing the aesthetic wants of the country.

The news was all over his smoking issue: WHO REALLY GAVE A CRAP ABOUT THAT? I mean really, who cares if he smokes. Who what he did to his own body?! All that mattered was that he take care of his promises that got him elected. I don’t personally care if he spent time with hookers as long as he actually helped the country. Also, what I mean is that there needed to be quick fixes to go with all his long-term ideas.

I can’t say I follow extremely close on his toes about every little thing although I know I should. All I do know is that I haven’t had a steady job since 2008. I have had little odd jobs that suck. However, my family will always come FIRST. So there is no way in the world I am going to care if they get mad about me needing to miss work because I don’t have a babysitter. Since the very start of the recession many jobs have been much more scrutinizing and offering less worth to the job for the employees. They have more room not to care I guess. If I have a temperature of 104 degrees F, and can’t breath, or see straight, I am not coming in to a warehouse that has no heat. Sorry! When I am there, I’m quiet, keep mostly to myself, and get my work done. Isn’t that enough?

Well, I am currently done ranting so am going to leave it on this note.