Good Thoughts

Have you ever just sat still and watched you children playing? I do it all the time and every single time, the same thoughts go through my head. I find it so amazing how they can do something to get you irately angry, and within a split second during that anger, crack a smile or say some silly sounding comment that can instantly stop the anger and start you laughing. That doesn’t make disciplining them an easy task. I guess that is the unconditional love most of us think we understand until we get to experience it and suddenly realize we knew nothing.

Today, I was reading and looked over at my littlest one, watching her play so contently and quietly. She noticed me looking, smiled, and said “I love you mommy” in her babyish tone. So I went over to her, hugged her, and told her that back. I love how when you hug your children they just fall into your arms. There is none of the awkwardness you have when you hug a friend. In my case anyway, I’ve never felt particularly close to anyone no matter how much  adored them as a friend so there is always awkwardness for me. Not with my children though. They always amaze me with something they do that just seems beyond their years in my opinion.

I don’t just notice these things in my children though. All children amaze me, even if they seem like they need more discipline, I think children are just the most interesting creatures. How tiny they start out and how they can become taller then even me. Regardless of all the science behind growing up and childbirth, I see them all as a little miracle and am very grateful that I was able to have my own; even if I have to take care of them alone.